Extended Security Information & Event Management

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Decisive’s approach to security monitoring combines multiple industry leading technologies and our own special sauce to provide customized surveillance with proactive detection and response.  SOAR capabilities allow for automated actions to be performed against your infrastructure minimizing time to action and stopping threats in their tracks.

Understanding and maintaining visibility into the flow of data within a network is pivotal for proactive risk management and swift response to potential threats. This visibility empowers businesses to identify anomalies, detect security breaches, and mitigate risks before they escalate into major incidents.

We’ve got resources

Decisive has the cyber talent. As a team that’s dedicated to helping organizations achieve their data resiliency goals we’ve focused our recruiting efforts at attracting the very best. Security talent is at a premium, and finding and maintaining a team large enough to accomplish all of your goals can be difficult for most companies.  Decisive Group provides a 24/7/365 eyes-on-glass  team of security analysts and engineers to watch your network allowing you to sleep better at night.

We like to think we stick out in the crowd

The DGI Managed SIEM service has been designed from the ground up to help organizations achieve clarity and performance in their cyber operations.

  • Decisive use-case library based on common threats and log source feeds
  • Decisive use-case runbook for transparent operational process
  • Premium Threat Intelligence feeds
  • SOAR integration for efficiency and consistency
  • Post-incident reporting
  • Decisive Group Bastion (DGB) to ensure resilient and fault-tolerant log ingestion
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager for escalation, service reviews, and continuous improvement
  • vCISO engagement – Decisive is here to assist you with making difficult strategic security decisions
  • 3rd party Quarterback – organizations who are leveraging multiple third parties won’t lose valuable cycles playing middle-man during investigations
Let's break it down
  • Solution comes in many flavours, can be multi-tenant, dedicated, on-prem, or in-cloud
  • Ability to create custom log parsers for unique log types, and custom use-cases
  • Hot/Cold log retention based on customer requirement
  • Decisive will recommend use cases from library based on customer environment
  • Premium threat intelligence updated daily for dynamic enrichment of content
  • World-class Decisive SOC monitors and responds to alerts 24/7/365
  • In-depth analysis and triage as well as human generated recommendations for mitigation
  • Use cases tuned to remove false positives, and optimized over the duration of the engagement
  • Log sources monitored for activity/availability
  • Onboard/offboard log sources over duration of engagement
  • Custom SOAR Playbooks for advanced mitigations
  • Service Reporting as well as monthly KPI scorecard