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Defence in Depth

Cyber threats. Network vulnerabilities. Human error. They add up to a continuous need to remain proactive—identifying the flaws in your data environment before an attacker can take advantage of them, and staying vigilant for suspicious activity.

Decisive Group offers a range of additional managed services which act as amplifiers to our core offerings. By implementing a diverse set of security controls, organizations can create a robust barrier against a wide range of threats. This redundancy in security measures ensures that attackers face multiple hurdles, making it more difficult to compromise data, and provides time for the organization to respond to threats before they escalate.

People can be your largest vulnerability

Security Awareness Training and Phishing Testing are pivotal elements in fortifying an organization’s human firewall. This proactive approach empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to identify, resist, and report potential security threats, turning them from the weakest link into a strong line of defense. Through comprehensive training, individuals learn to recognize the signs of phishing attempts, dubious links, and other social engineering tactics that could compromise personal and organizational data. Phishing tests, simulating real-world attacks without the risk, further reinforce these lessons, providing practical experience in spotting and avoiding cyber threats.

Decisive’s differentiators

  • “New-School” awareness training takes something which has previously been tedious and boring and makes it fun and interactive
  • Organizations require resources with security knowledge to cater their awareness program to employee needs and topical subjects
  • Employee testing via phishing campaigns needs to be obfuscated from the organization so that all members of the team (including internal security) are in scope
  • Creating custom phishing campaigns that target specific demographics/teams/industry verticals can be difficult, but a rewarding method to find weak links
  • Having a trained security team monitor/investigate emails which are suspected to be phishing attempts can improve organization visibility when being targeted and prevent compromise

Service outline:

  • Licensed by number of employees in scope
  • Ability to “port over” existing licensing or provide
  • Regular assignment of security training to employees (cadence to be set as part of service definition)
  • Tracking and reporting of training completion across teams
  • Periodic testing of organization and/or specific teams via phishing campaigns (cadence to be set as part of service definition)
  • Remedial training to those who fail testing
  • Monitored mailbox for phishing reporting
  • 24/7 analyst team investigating reported messages and updating internal security leadership
Check your environment

Most attacks against IT infrastructure leverage system vulnerabilities. While not all vulnerabilities are known, those that are known have patches created to fix them quickly after disclosure. For this reason, it is incredibly important to assess your environment on a regular basis to understand what vulnerabilities are present, and to prioritize patching them.
Even the most carefully managed environments are not fully standardized; therefore, if you want to see what vulnerabilities require patching you must know which versions of software, firmware, and OS are currently deployed. In addition, data collection must occur across all locations, including cloud instances and gear that resides with remote workers.

The Decisive Group Vulnerability management service centres around accurate discovery, and authenticated scans of your environment. Our reporting considers the value you place on particular assets and on mitigating controls in play.

Finally, because resources to perform patching are often limited, prioritized remediation plans are provided to ensure your time is well spent.

Decisive’s differentiators

  • Contextualized results and remediation plan

Service outline:

  • Licensing for custom number of unique hosts to be scanned, as well as custom number of external IP addresses
  • Ability to use scanning agents for Windows/Linux/MacOS hosts for near real-time reporting of vulnerabilities
  • Virtual DGB host contains scanner
  • Management of custom number of hosts within Vulnerability Management Console
  • Discovery scans related to assets
  • Quarterly/monthly/weekly (to be determined during scoping) authenticated vulnerability scans will be run against in-scope hosts
Let's go beyond signatures

Protecting network endpoints has always been a priority. Now, with remote and hybrid work situations commonplace in many sectors, the concept of endpoints has taken on new meaning. In almost every industry, more sensitive data is now flowing to personal devices, and an increasing number of workers are taking advantage of the flexibility to work wherever they choose. More than ever, it is essential to be vigilant about what might be entering your environment through vulnerable network connections or human error.

Endpoint security solutions have undergone many changes as well. What was once simply signature based anti-virus/anti-malware protection, now leverages AI and ML to analyze behaviour and identify zero-day threats.

Decisive’s differentiators

  • EDR replaces and improves on traditional antivirus
  • Endpoint security that goes beyond signature-based detection
  • Detect known and zero-day exploits and malware variants through behaviour analytics
  • Block infections in real-time regardless of network connectivity/physical location
  • Run domain-wide search to find and remove malicious files
  • Threat intelligence feeds used for assessment
  • Reduce employee downtime due to infected equipment
  • Integrates well with SIEM and SOAR for comprehensive security protection
  • Advanced customizable automation rules
  • Minimal demand on memory/bandwidth/CPU
  • No reboots required for agent updates/install

Service outline:

  • Licensing per agent
  • Management of SaaS services
  • Customization of automation rules
  • Endpoint onboarding (confirmation as agents are installed of visibility within toolset)
  • 24/7 monitoring of security events (requires SIEM subscription)
  • Monthly reporting