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Orchestrating network traffic through firewalls enables organizations to regulate the flow of data, ensuring that only authorized entities can access specific resources and services. This granular control not only fortifies the security posture but also allows for the seamless functioning of essential business operations.

Technologies which are critical elements of your cyber defense strategy are in many cases only as good as the configurations you put on them. Firewalls are one of the best examples of this. These technologies also require ongoing care and feeding to be sure that they are adapting to changes in your business and the threat landscape. At Decisive Group we recognize this challenge, and have created our Managed Firewall Service to help organizations of all sizes overcome it.

Maximize Return on Investment

The Decisive firewall advantage:

  • In-depth analysis and detailed recommendations for firewall configuration improvement to align with hardening, policy, and zoning best practices
  • Ability to perform cross vendor firewall migrations
  • Ability to perform firewall architecture re-designs
  • 24/7 firewall management staffing to perform break/fix and emergency change functions
  • Management of Palo Alto and Fortinet firewalls
  • Health and performance alert monitoring and notification
  • Patching and upgrades to firmware
  • Monthly reporting for firewall deployments
  • Ongoing security policy tuning and recommendations to ensure effective solution
  • 24/7 service from highly skilled and experienced staff
  • Able to accommodate additional requirements related to compliance, i.e.  6-month firewall configuration review for PCI compliance