Implementation and Management

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of labour.

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How we partner

Decisive puts in the time to help implement and maintain your purpose-built IT environment, so you can get on with business.

Our engagement begins with a deep dive into your technical requirements, analysis of the workloads you run (or plan to run) and a conceptual design of your solution architecture. From there, we work closely with your team on issues like installation, configuration, and integration, and then migrate your data to your new environment.

Once deployment is complete, we test and validate to ensure your environment is performing at peak efficiency, and provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure it stays that way.

install and configure
Make a smooth move.

On premises, cloud or hybrid. Wherever your workloads are going to live, Decisive can help you install, provision, and configure the infrastructure and software you need. Our exceptional depth of experience lets us streamline your deployment and integration process, ensuring a seamless migration.

system health and stability
We keep you covered.

Decisive keeps your system healthy and stable with continuous monitoring, patching, and workload distribution analysis. Whatever your configuration, we put in the time to optimize your overall environment—from on-premises servers to hyperscale cloud.

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