Decisive Group’s hands-on approach to infrastructure and security operations brings certainty to your digital transformation journey.

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  Secure Disaster Recovery


Plan. Fail. Recover. Decisive Group is here to help you get a plan in place, allowing you to run your business with peace of mind, knowing that even in the face of adversity, you have a roadmap to navigate through challenges, minimizing worry and risk.

  Secure Managed Backup & Recovery


By creating regular backups, you’re not just safeguarding your data; you’re enabling swift restoration in case of any mishaps. We confirm your backups so you don’t have to.

  Managed Firewall


Your firewall is anything but set and forget. Decisive puts in the time to ensure your firewall’s features, configurations, and hardening are optimized and maintained to perform at peak efficiency. You have better things to do.

  Security Information and Event Management


The outliers aren’t always obvious. You can depend on Decisive Group’s 24/7/365 eyes-on-glass team of security analysts to find the needle in the haystack and bring it to your attention.

  Add-on Services


Are you looking to up your game on every level? Decisive has you covered. Our add-on services can stand on their own, or integrate with our core services as force multipliers.