Data Protection

With control.

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How we partner

Active, passive, unstructured—whatever form your data is in, you need to back it up efficiently, move it securely, and access it effortlessly. Wherever and whenever you need it, it’s essential you can trust the integrity of your data and its protection strategy, and serve it up when required.

Decisive leverages the fastest and most advanced data protection technologies to deliver maximum reliability and mitigate against data loss.

Your data or your budget. Why choose?

Data backup and disaster recovery shouldn’t be a choice between cost and quality.

Decisive’s customized data protection solutions provide both exceptional, flexible protection, as well as a price tag that won’t derail the rest of your infrastructure plan. We can design a protection strategy to leverage the best third-party software combined with your hardware, hyperscale, or the Decisive Cloud—giving you the peace of mind that there won’t be any hidden costs.

scale-out storage
Cloud storage your way.

The Decisive Cloud can deliver a simple, cost-effective solution to extend your storage capability, with a highly available, independent, Canadian sovereign, offsite cloud storage target. Get scale-out storage that blends co-location and utilization-based models, with simple, transparent pricing.

procurement and logistics
Leave the shopping to us.

You could price, license, and piece together all the hardware and software components yourself, from on-premises, hyperscale cloud, and cloud storage infrastructure, or turn to a single source with the expertise and relationships to make it happen seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Decisive provides end-to-end procurement and logistics, leveraging our partnerships with the best in the business.

data protection
We like getting dirty.

Whatever your IT infrastructure looks like and whatever your data protection needs are, Decisive can take them on, and deliver exceptional cost-efficiency.

We can apply our years of experience and deep expertise to set up, monitor, and manage your data protection strategy—giving you confidence that your data will be safe and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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