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How we partner

Cyber threats. Network vulnerabilities. Human error. They add up to a continuous need to remain proactive—identifying the flaws in your data environment before an attacker can take advantage of them, and staying vigilant for suspicious activity.

Working as a natural extension of your team, Decisive helps you identify the long-term risks and put the necessary safeguards in place before an incursion occurs.

Our commitment to customers includes using our proven depth of knowledge and experience to custom-design technology and operational processes. Then, we constantly iterate to make your cybersecurity posture and threat response strategy the best it can be.

active monitoring

Decisive reduces the potential impact of threats to your network by applying our deep understanding of the power of active security monitoring and tailored solutions to decrease time to action. As a powerful enabler of proactive cybersecurity, Decisive can level the field between organizations with extensive, internal cybersecurity teams and those with fewer resources.

Decisive has you covered. We provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, giving you:

  • The experts you need to protect your networks
  • A solution custom tailored to your business
  • 24/7 monitoring for real-time threat assessment and triage

Powered by best-of-breed technologies, Decisive’s cybersecurity platform provides you with complete system visibility—of network users, applications, and infrastructure—providing log aggregation, normalization, and correlation to ensure you’re proactive. And, above all, secure.

Some security monitoring solutions provide inadequate threat-surface coverage and lack proactive detection. Decisive’s tailored approach gives you a single point of integration for all logging activity, flexibility in deployment, active monitoring tuned to your specific environment, and triaged escalations of potential security incidents.

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Free your IT people.

Odds are your IT resources are stretched thin. If you lack the internal SOC resources to proactively tackle cybersecurity head-on, you need an experienced partner to increase your ability to effectively correlate data and identify potential trouble.

Decisive’s SOC strategy doesn’t just provide personnel to monitor your network; our team is comprised of highly experienced, next-generation cybersecurity architects and analysts. Our cybersecurity experts are agents of change who have seen the traditional approach to reactive, set-and-forget defence. They wanted to work smarter, so they work with us.

That’s Decisive: A 100 percent Canadian operation, staffed with dedicated cybersecurity evangelists who have Government of Canada “Secret” clearance. They’re there for you 24/7 to provide a redundant operational model and an effective threat-response escalation path structure.

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