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How we partner

We know most IT teams are challenged daily with conflicting priorities that quickly consume the availability of staff. Beyond managing the hardware and hypervisor layer, Decisive’s Managed Services team can move up the stack and bring value to your organization by becoming an extension of your IT team—helping you manage, secure, and support your workloads in the cloud from start to finish. Decisive Cloud helps modernize your IT ecosystem and drive your business by maximizing your investment in your first step to the cloud. We do this by offering your administrators a solution and tools that are readily familiar to them—built on proven, enterprise-grade technologies from VMWare, NetApp, Commvault, and others—along with our fully managed support services.

Building a customized cloud experience.

Beyond simply “lifting and shifting” your existing workloads to the cloud, planning and implementing your cloud transformation strategy can be an enormous task. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the cloud, so we’re dedicated to working with you to identify workloads that not only can be migrated to the cloud, but can be re-imagined to leverage the cloud and gain the advantage of transforming your technology and the ability to scale the services as you grow.


The Decisive process:

Business and IT strategy – Our cloud team meets with your business’ stakeholders to understand how your IT strategy supports your overall business objectives, your available resources, and any risk factors related to moving to the cloud.

Workload discovery and assessment – Working with your IT team, we create a detailed inventory of your infrastructure, networking, and applications, as well as associated stakeholders and dependencies. From that inventory, our cloud experts will assess what workloads can be migrated, modernized and re-architected, or twilighted.

End-state architecture – Finally, we’ll architect an infrastructure design utilizing technologies and services that are aligned with your overall strategy and then right-size your resources based on their utilization to optimize costs.

Decrease cost. Increase control.

If your cloud infrastructure isn’t managed properly, it can simply become another cumbersome piece of technical debt that gets added to the pile of technologies your team has to manage.

We lower your hardware costs and maintenance effort by presenting your organization with compute, storage, and networking resources on a tiered subscription model—providing predictable cost and control of your cloud environment—and we also do the heavy lifting to support the underlying hypervisor and cloud hardware that your workloads are built on.


With Decisive Cloud, your workloads benefit from a platform that offers:

  • Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Secure, dedicated isolation of compute capacity
  • A tiered subscription model that offers predictable CAPEX and monthly OPEX planning
  • Data sovereignty in Canadian-owned and operated data centres
  • A flexible pool of resources to accommodate workloads of any size
  • Managed backup, disaster recovery, and security options
  • Manned 24x7x365 support via our online customer portal and toll-free support line built on ITIL frameworks
IT team taxed? Leave the cloud to us.

Like most organizations, your IT team is likely stretched to its limit with conflicting priorities. Transitioning to the cloud, and managing all the attendant issues, can be just one more burden. Decisive’s Managed Services team can easily take on more beyond managing the hardware and hypervisor layer, freeing your employees for other tasks. By moving up your stack, we can become an extension of your IT team, helping you manage, secure, and support your workloads in the cloud.


In addition to all the benefits of our Managed Cloud approach, you’ll receive:

  • Highly trained system administrators with Government of Canada Secret Level clearance
  • Operating system licensing and support, patch management, and monitoring
  • Capacity management and planning
  • A dedicated technical account manager
Data protection second to none.

Your data is your business’ lifeblood. The Decisive Cloud comes with airtight protection, while allowing you ready access at all times.

Data Protection – Decisive is positioned to provide your organization with industry-leading, enterprise-grade protection and recovery for your IT workloads. We also can provide resilient, secure storage of your backup data hosted with data sovereignty in mind in Canadian data centres.

M365 Backup – Although Microsoft has a strong reputation for the high availability of the M365 service, it divests itself from responsibility for protecting customer data. This means the chance for data loss is likely—from a single email deleted by human error, to an entire folder emptied by a rogue employee maliciously, or a ransomware attack that stops your day-to-day operations. Our enterprise-grade backup solution steps in to fill this gap and let your IT admins rest easy.

Snapmirroring – Your data storage is your heart of the digital side of your business. Having it accessible all the time to consume and retrieve on demand is critical. We can mirror and actively serve as the primary, secondary, or backup data repository for your organization.

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