A cloud built for
enterprise IT teams.

Clouds are not “one size fits all.”
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Although hyperscale solutions work extremely well for workloads designed to take advantage of dynamic elasticity, many workloads just don’t fit, leaving enterprise IT teams without any financially or operationally viable hyperscale hosting options.

You need a cloud solution with enough flexibility for your team to take advantage of third-party infrastructure without sacrificing the required control of your environment’s profile.

The Decisive Group Cloud is a uniquely flexible, enterprise-grade hosting solution built on the IT building blocks already in your data centre. Our hosting solution is designed to meet all your compute and storage co-location or scale-out needs.

A cloud built for the way you work.

The Decisive Group Cloud lets you:

  • Deploy workloads with the exact resource profile you need.
  • Reuse your custom catalogue of configurations in an enterprise cloud environment.
  • Leverage existing on-premises IT skillsets for cloud operations without needing to learn new operating paradigms.
Infrastructure that scales. Financials that fit.

With Decisive, you can:

  • Manage long-term operating expenses by co-locating your own hardware alongside scalable cloud compute and storage.
  • Gain cost certainty by procuring fixed resource pools.
  • Get full cost control and clarity to avoid cloud bill shock. No hidden fees, clear billing metrics, and the ability to scale within determined quotas.

The Decisive hosting approach means all your infrastructure will be provided by Tier 1 enterprise IT manufacturers. And you can trust that you’re supported 24/7 by IT and cloud professionals with Government of Canada “Secret” clearance.

Your data will never leave Canada’s jurisdiction. All of Decisive’s hosting facilities and operations are Government of Canada Protected B compliant, ISO-27001, ISO-27017, ISO-27018, SOC 2 Type 2.

Let’s talk about how we can deliver a more integrated cloud solution—built specifically for your needs.

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